mr. brightside and the baileys

March 13, 2024

mid february, I had the pleasure of doing the photo and video for my high school besties wedding in Los Cabos, Mexico at Dreams Los Cabos Golf Resort and Spa. When I say it was seriously the best day, I mean it. The past few years I have had the opportunity to shift gears and focus on some really stellar destination elopements and honestly, they really are just the actual best.

the day before the wedding, the ladies went whale watching and on a boat excursion (where I was so blessed and got to spend the entirety of the trip in the bathroom vomiting. thank you sea sickness and second trimester nausea hahah). and the guys went deep sea fishing. everyone hung out at the pool as they trickled back to the resort and had such a chill pre ceremony day having poolside bevies and giggles.

the day of the wedding, tj came to help me shoot, and we spent our morning slow getting breakfast and coffee, talking a walk on the beach to check out the whales and jumping stingrays, and really soak in the day. we did a big tour of the property (and when I say tour, I mean we walked around with our coffee and got a little lost haha) to look for the locations for all the big shooting parts of the day. then spent some time at the pool, and grabbing lunch at the oceanside grille before heading back to the room to freshen up and get ready to work.

the actual wedding festivities were a total breeze. literally not a hiccup the entire day, other than kole loosing his watch. but honestly, I always say, little things like that (rip your watch, kole), if that’s the worst part of the day, it was a good as wedding day. but everyone was in such amazing spirits, the day was truly filled with love and friends, and it ended at the resort nightlight with my pregnant self jumping around to two songs with my Mexican Fanta before realizing jumping is out of my wheel house right now haha.

honestly though, I could spew on about this day forever. it was so special to be able to be there and capture these memories for my high school best friend (who actually happens to be just a month ahead of me in pregnancy! who would have ever guessed wed see this day! cheers to teen pregnancy), especially after she moved to the other side of the country. so without blabbing any further, take a scroll and enjoy the (condensed because I delivered almost a fricken thousand pics) gallery and two of her three wedding films!

and as always, be sure to slide into my contact form if you’re getting ready to start chatting with the moon and wolf team about your local, or destination wedding or elopement!

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