can i go, where you go? (in maine)

August 14, 2023

my bride is a fellow tswizzle luvah, so excuse the blog title, lol.

but when sarah mentioned that her and fiancĂ©, matt would be traveling to acadia national park at the end of summer and thought it could be an ideal engagement session location, you’re darn tootin I got real pumped real quick.

I’ve never been to Maine so this was such a perfect excuse to go. I location scouted acadia basically the entire day of their engagements (we shot at sunset per usual), literally WOW. not a bad view in sight. literally not a bad view, I SAW A WHALE! I’ve never seen a whale before just roaming around in their natural space. so fricken cool.

the two main locations we shot at in the park were sand beach, which was a million times more accessible in the early evening. I wanted to go during the day to chill out, and the parking lot and surrounding area were so dang full it would have been a 45 minute HIKE down to relax. not the vibe I was looking for. the second location was on the rocks surrounding thunder hole.

enjoy allllll of the amazingness of their engagements, but also keep scrolling to the very end for all my little iPhone behind the scenes from my trip.

and as always, im just an email away if this inspires you to head to acadia for your engagements and ya want me to do photo or video, or if you have another vision you want to chat about. click here to shoot me an email!

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