a sure thing elopement

April 12, 2023

jecilia and angels elopement was nothing short of a sure thing. we hopped around vegas, seriously one of my favorite cities to elope in, with nothing but pure, true to them vibes.

we started the day just off the strip at the virgin hotel. im usually a strip girl when in vegas but my lord, what a beautiful property! if im ever in town for a quick night or two and need to keep my head in the game, and off all the delicious food options, I’d totally stay there!

they decided to elope at the sure thing chapel downtown and omggggg, a photographers heaven. we stopped at a little corner convenience store after to grab their favorite snacks and bounce around fremont street, which was a brand new experience for them. if you ask jecilia, im sure shell tell you her chippendales experience was the highlight of the day haha.

we ended the day with tacos, the couples favorite dinner, and heading out to seven magic mountains for some sunset photos and train chasing.

whether its in vegas, nola, or chicago, elopements are by far my favorite thing because you can make it exactly what YOU want it to be, without the distraction of anyone else. need help planning your perfect day? just head to my contact page, linked here, to start a conversation.

but for now, scroll a little, and enjoy j+a’s photos and film!

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