July 22, 2022

sunbum, you will forever have my heart!

one thing I’ve really been wanting to focus on more this year is leveling up and playing with the big dogs. I’m sooooo beyond ready to jump into the action, get messy, try new things and shoot for big brands. this summer, I’ve been taking it upon myself to create content for some of those companies that I truly love, and use in my every day life.

first up, was Sunbum! I have been obsessed with their products for the longest time, ill link below some of my classic and new favorites! but from studying their brand vibe, and the feels they give. I thought my film camera and that super 8 look for the film would be the best fit for their content. so here we are!

check out some of my film photos and the video I created for them. SEND THIS TO THEM! haha, tag the shit out of them on my instagram (i’ll link the post I featured them in here) and tell them how cool I am and how I would be the perfect person to work with for content creations, haha. no shame in my game.

super excited about all of the amazing feedback I’ve gotten from this shoot so far, but also really excited for some of the other companies im ready to feature next! stay tuned!

are you a kickass brand who wants to chat about making some epic content? send me a message babe, link to my contact form here!

current new and classic Sunbum favs :

01. the original glow spf face sunscreen. obsessed. this stuff goes on so smooth, and honestly doesn’t even feel like its there.

02. the after sun cool down lotion. the bottle I have looks a little different than what’s on the website, but this stuff is so good. I personally hate the feeling of ‘cooling’. like peppermint essential oil honestly burns me, hah. im a baby I know. but this doesn’t have that painful cooling effect, it literally just makes your skin feel fresh after coming out of the water. you will need to follow it up with a more durable lotion, because in my opinion, your skin does still get dry, but I bring this everywhere.

03. the tinted lip balm with sunscreen. I just purchased this and already love, its such a fun color! I purchased it from ulta and I really wish they had the sand bar shade in stock, because after seeing that on the website, I think that would look best on me. but this is a super fun option for a little more of a put together look.

04. the cocobalm moisturizing lip balm in banana creme. I have a few of they’re scents? flavors? what do you call them? haha. but chapsticks and bananas put together, Amandas whole life is complete!

05. the hydrating serum from their skin care line. this stuff is amazing. if im being honest, the scent isn’t amazing, I think its the brown algae. not sure what that smells like but it doesn’t sound like it would smell like roses hah. but it works great and thats all I can ask for! I feel moisturized all day from this gem of a product!

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