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February 25, 2022

ever get a message from a potential client about their engagement session and think holy shat, you. are. my. jam. ?

that was basically this engagement session for me. this year im starting to steer my engagement sessions away from the standard, this is a pretty park, this is a nice alley with cool street art, this is a cozy coffee shop, thats a nice private beach. and leaning them more towards, you guys like beer, perf, lets go to a garden. you ride your harley on the weekends, lets take her down a backroad. love baking sweets and watching movies on friday nights, get ready to get messy.

my style in general is a lot more natural, real life, raw, unposed, authentic, candid. so to me, this little shift in my engagement sessions and couples sessions in general, is going to make the world of difference in setting my content apart from others even more. but also making the photo session process so much more fun, relaxing and overall a less pressure feeling. because even the cutest people feel a little awk having their photos taken. heck, even I can selfie it up all day long but as soon as someone points a nice camera at me I make a weird face, haha!

this session was so fun and so easy to do honestly! almost no props needed, but ill link what we did use below for ya in case you want to recreate with your own twist! def put your own twist on it though, copying is annoying haha.

shoot location was a local airbnb
heart sunglasses from amazon
disco ball from amazon
takeout was from shake shack
flowers were from trader joes

more fun engagement and couples sessions to come, so stay tuned on the blog for more awesomeness!

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