a colorado sunrise elopement

February 4, 2022

my oh my. when i say that sam and zekes intimate sunrise colorado mountaintop elopement was a literal dream, i mean it. like honestly, did this actually happen?

the couple actually drove over to denver about a week before i headed out to try and find the perfect location to do the thang. dedication, right? they did a (sometimes a few!) hike a day at sunrise to see exactly what they would see the day of. and ended up finding the perfect mountain like two days before! they wanted to keep the exact location special to them, and not share socially to keep it wild, as it was a very very offbeat path. it did have a trail, but no official parking, I don’t remember much signage, very natural terrain. there is this super awesome app though that we used to help give a little bit of a guide, and get info on the trail! you can find the alltrails app here in the appstore.

we met up way earlier than my standard wake up time (well worth it), we’re talking like 4:30. then sam and zeke, myself, and their parents made our way up about the hour and a half hike to the top. we made it just as the sun was rising, cue the tears, and they privately, their parents and i were a distance away, self solomized their marriage. hashtag goals.

this was my very first travel elopement from two years back and it will forever hold a special place in my heart. it sparked so much inspiration and desire for me, i’ve been loving every chance i’ve gotten to travel with my couples and brands ever since. 

thinking about elopeing? i’ve got ya. lets chat about getting you and your bothang hitched wherever feels right.

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