skylar turns one!

February 3, 2022

flashback to when my favorite baby turned one! ah!

i seriously was so happy when my bestie kate asked if i would create some pieces for skylars hip hop themed first birthday (quick lil shoutout to her oils page for a sec! she’s on ig at @raeandskyco . she is my hookup, my dealer, the answer-er to my million and one oil and natural product questions! i chat about oils relatively frequently on my ig stories so if you’ve ever wondered how i get my high quality essential oils and oil infused products, theyre from her!).

she turns two in like two months and i heard a rumor its going to be “two groovy” themed. omg, sign me uppppppp!

need some design work done for a birthday party or other special event? lets chat babe!

contact me here!

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