a pretty woman wedding

February 3, 2022

edward : “so what happens after he climbs up and rescues her?”

vivian : “she rescues him right back”

UGH MY HEART! if you haven’t seen pretty women yet, what the heck? hah. heres a link to watch on amazon! run dont walk. its a super good, super self inspiring and empowering love story. not necessarily the kind that makes you think, ugh, she got the guy. but more, ugh, she  found herself. and got the guy lol.

but! zoë defffff helped push my creative boundaries when we started chatting about the editng of her film and i will foever be thankful to her for that. i am such a nerd for old movies, old film, vintage cameras, all the oldies. and she helped my figure out a way to incporate some old, into the new.


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